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Clonal Eucalyptus Plantation
Clonal Eucalyptus Demonstration


Plants that are propagated vegetatively from a genetically superior elite tree constitute a clone. These clonal plants are true to type & uniform with all the desirable qualities of the elite mother plant.

Clonal Eucalyptus Plantation with wheat intercrop – Age 2 years

Fast growing, disease resistant and high yielding Clones of Eucalyptus and Poplars have been developed through years of painstaking research and extensive field trials. The productivity of these genetically superior clones of Eucalyptus can be 2 to 3 times higher compared to the productivity of normal seedlings.

Normal seed route plantation

Clonal Eucalyptus Plantation

Clonal planting stock yields uniform high quality wood with large clear bole suitable for veneers, timber, poles, pulpwood and other uses.

High yields and better quality wood mean lower per unit production costs and very high net returns when compared to conventional seed route plantations.




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