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About Mr. Piare Lal
Eucalyptus & Poplar Plantations in India




Mr. Piare Lal

Pragati Biotechnologies was set up in December 2000 by Mr. Piare Lal and his son Balmukand. Mr. Piare Lal retired as Vice President - Plantations, ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Limited (now ITC Limited). He has over 40 years of experience as a distinguished professional forester with proven track record and pioneering contributions in the development of genetically improved high yielding clones and promotion of large scale Clonal Eucalyptus.

Forests are under intense biotic pressures and major factors contributing to degradation are illicit removal of firewood in head loads, theft of valuable timber, excessive and uncontrolled grazing, fires, and in certain areas shifting cultivation. Lack of adequate investments in forestry sector, inadequate policy reforms and poor R&D and technological inputs are other contributing factors. Most of the community/ village forests have disappeared and pressures are mounting on remaining 38 million ha of forests with crown cover density more than 40%.

Depletion of tree cover results in excessive soil erosion, contributing to degradation of land, flash floods, silting of riverbeds/reservoirs, loss of bio-diversity and inadequate recharging of underground aquifers. Total extent of degraded forests and wasteland needing urgent reclamation/ reforestation measures is 130 million ha in India, i.e. 40% of the geographical area. Restoration of green cover and substantial improvements in land productivity are most essential for:

  • narrowing the gap between future demand and availability of firewood / timber / wood-based products

  • sustaining the momentum of green revolution and life support systems,

  • environmental amelioration and ecological balance

  • conservation of bio-diversity, precious soil and water resources,

  • prevention of flash floods and desertification.

Major objectives of this project and potential benefits to the farming community are summarized below:

  • Diversification of agriculture through remunerative horticulture, agro-forestry plantations and hedging of risks affecting traditional agricultural crops.

  • Supply of genetically improved planting stock of best cultivars of horticultural plants and high yielding clones of Poplars.

  • Supply of genetically improved clonal planting stock of Eucalyptus based on application of contemporary clonal technology and green house facilities, which will revolutionize productivity and profitability of agro-forestry plantations.

  • Research and development support for the project for continuous improvement in genetic quality of clonal planting stock including development and deployment of hybrid clones.

  • Research and development support for continuous improvement of package of practices supported with high quality technical extension services to enable farmers benefit from latest technologies

  • Manifold improvement in productivity of plantations and quality of produce leading to optimization of per unit production costs and maximization of profits.

Highly productive clonal plantations will help diversification of agriculture and contribute to the greening of the country, conservation of country's biodiversity rich natural forests and large scale employment opportunities through development of wood based industries.

Eucalyptus & Poplar Plantations in India

Pragati Biotechnologies has state of the art facilities for developing these high yielding clones. Our Clonal Technology Research and Production Centre is located on 16 acres of real estate, and our 2835 Sq. Meters Green Houses, Shade Houses and Modern Root Trainer Nurseries are located at

Village: Dholbaha, District - Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India.
3 kms. From Dholbaha located on Tanda - Dholbaha Road.
314332.25"N & 755059.96 E Elevation 766ft
Climate: Subtropical with cold winters from November to February
Rainfall: 1000 mm mainly during July- September
Soils: Sandy soils with tube-well irrigation

Pragati's gene banks or clonal multiplication gardens have more than 150 outstanding clones of Eucalyptus under production and research. These clones include clones developed through controlled pollination between proven best clones of Eucalyptus teretecornis and Eucalyptus camaldulensis and cloning of outstanding inter specific and intra specific hybrids with good heterosis.

Pragati's first Clonal Eucalyptus Testing and Demonstration Plot was established in August 2002 with 36 clones and 2 control treatments of normal seedlings and half sib seedlings of clone 7 at Village Semi.

Clonal Eucalyptus Testing & Demonstration Plot 1 (planted August 2002)
 Age 3 year

Clonal Eucalyptus Testing & Demonstration

Pragati Biotechnologies currently supplies 7.5 million clonal eucalyptus saplings and 0.5 million clonal Poplar ETPs to farmers in five states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh, improving the farmer's per acre income manifolds & contributing in a small way to greening of India, environmental amelioration, maintenance of ecological balance, effective conservation of soil and water resources and preventing further land degradation.   


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